What is CareBig Utility Token?


CAREBIG can only be bought or sold using the smart contract exchange. However the Care Big Token can be redeemed with many of our partners for Products and Services.

Care Big is a smart token designed to be context sensitive, Care Big can be utilized for it’s savings and dividend features when bought on the exchange, while it can also be used for rewards and incentives with many community development partners with each partner having their own rules on redemption. This makes the token unique and focuses on our core impact on community development as well as wealth building.

The Care Big token is designed to be a Multi-Chain implementation of the Block-Chain as the goal of the token is a more widespread use, and multi-chain implementation can deliver that. The initial implementation of Care Big token is on BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

Democratization of Wealth
through true community impact

The beneficial characteristics of the Binance Smart Chain network, alongside smart contract technology, allows us to be truly decentralized and will ultimately empower cryptocurrency savers and ordinary people around the globe.

Our Investor and Business Partner community is focused on creating an ever-increasing wheel of value through Utilization and profit sharing.

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What are the value strengths of

CAREBIG is a digital token to disrupt the way we bring community awareness and accelerates the digital transformation of wellness at a fundamental level

CAREBIG has a growing set of partners that utilize tokens to bring a paradigm shift in how they grow and communicate. With the community partners CAREBIG will see an exponential growth in transactions as well as value creation.

CAREBIG rewards or bonuses are a great way to build a loyal community for an organization. The rewards can be customized for many different kinds of behaviors such as;

  • Repeat Business.
  • Recruiting Goals or Sales Goals for a team.
  • Rewards for donations to worthy causes in a community.
  • Rewards for taking part in studies that better the wellness in a community.
  • Rewards for adoption of token into a business for redemption.

The primary architectural goal for CAREBIG is to build a decentralized platform that works on multiple blockchains and can sustain high traffic of a global user base.

Therefore, the platform is designed to properly escalate on heavy load moments. This way, we guarantee a fluid and robust experience for our users. Based on vast knowledge and previous experiences of crypto platforms and market best practices, the CAREBIG development team has carefully evaluated the best development practices and adopted them for the CAREBIG platform.

There will be limits placed on the Buy, Transfer and Sale of the Tokens in order to maintain the balance and resistant to market manipulation.

There will be some large token purchases approved based on the ability of the investor to hold the token for a period before trading.

Until the Token starts to trade on a public exchange, number of transactions as well as frequency would determines how the value of token goes up.

  • Every 2000 transactions (Purchase, Redemption, Rewards, transfers, Dividends, activity fees, staking rewards) will increase the redemption value of token by US $.01
  • Every 1000 transactions in a 24 hour period would increase the value of token by $.02
  • Every 1000 transactions in a 7 day period would increase the value of token by $.01

The rules are easy to master:

  • Anyone may participate.
  • Participants may enter or leave at any time.
  • Participants may buy from the smart contract on the private exchange or on public exchange in the future.
  • Participants may sell to other participants and have to manage their own tax consequences.
  • CAREBIG can be given away as a gift, rewards or bonuses on the community partner sites based on each partners rules on Gift, Rewards or Bonuses under the TOKEN REDEMPTION STRATEGY link on the partner site.
  • CAREBIG Tokens can be redeemed on the community partners website for products and services based on the TOKEN REDEMPTION STRATEGY link on the partner site.
  • The size of the community using the tokens, supply as well and demand impact the value of Care Big Token.
  • Excessive holding causes the value to stagnate.
  • Participants can impact the value of CAREBIG by trading or evangelizing.
  • Each participant must find the right balance between holding and trading.
  • The expectation of sea-change in health-wellness as well as wealth-wellness is a core value of the CAREBIG commodity.
  • Investment in digital tokens is a risk and should be evaluated carefully.
  • The CAREBIG community should be a democratic grassroots effort with no centralized guiding organization.

CAREBIG plans to reform the community-based wellness space, by promoting causes using community partners and token and bringing awareness to the various causes.

We understand the essence of awareness as the key to success in product marketing. We hope that more people across the world become more aware about our smart contract project. We are setting the benchmark on how the digital tokens can truly be utilized in a variety of spheres in the health-wellness and wealth-wellness spaces.

Additionally, we will launch targeted social media campaigns, especially aimed at the cryptocurrency community but broad enough to reach ordinary people globally. A mix of information and education of our platform should get the necessary intention and traction we need to make people globally aware and interested in our platform.

Tokens will be marketed in 3 fundamental ways:

  • Sales to investors interested in purchasing tokens for the long-haul and share in the spoils with staking, profit-share dividends etc.
  • Recruit community partners that want to adopt the token for their growth goals.
  • Train the community partners on creating a comprehensive tokenomics for their business and use tokens for growth rewards, consumption or redemption strategy etc. to increase community awareness and hence community impact.

To encourage the investing community to truly "save" their CAREBIG for extended periods of time, we are developing an exciting incentive payout, which will be published shortly

Chefs d'entreprise
Membres du conseil d'administration
Cadres de tous les niveaux
Ceux qui veulent développer leur leadership

1: Distributed Token Revenue through Community Alliances

The Care Big foundation will evaluate community impact of each alliance and could grant Care Big tokens as well as marketing funds to the Alliance Partner, to bring awareness and create adoption strategy. They may require a partner to Rev-Share to repay some of the costs. These revenues may be distributed through dividends to stakeholders that purchased the tokens (and were not granted the tokens).

2: Token Trade & Awareness

CAREBIG is designed to be a Utility Token and expand the community awareness through Rewards and Redemption for Products and Services. CAREBIG also has an investment component that allows for Staking and Dividends. The goal is to have CAREBIG trading on a reputable exchange in the new future.

3: Tokenomics

By directly connecting the usage of the Token to the price of the Token we have truly focused on Value Creation. CAREBIG can be purchased from the Website or Can be acquired as reward though the community partners. Based on the sources we can customize the smart contract behavior. The total amount of CAREBIG tokens in circulation and reserves is 3 Billion tokens. Tokens are released into circulation from reserves only when new community partners sign up and based on their business plan, the foundation releases the tokens for marketing + 20% of the grant for Sales.

Our ambition is to empower crypto enthusiast and savers across the globe!

We hope to reach out to a wide range of individuals and entities worldwid to be part of our community. Making this unique smart contract project financially viable and helping us grow sustainably towards reaching all of our savings goals.

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